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3 Areas Where Architectural Animation Improves Real Estate Marketing


Animation was once looked at as a tool for entertainment purposes only.

Those days are gone, and animation has found its way into everything from the medical field to engineering. One area where it has started to take hold is real estate marketing. Using architectural animation, real estate marketers can effectively advertise properties and designs to prospective clients.

So what benefits does architectural animation bring to the real estate field? Discussed below are three ways that architectural animation significantly improves real estate marketing.

Greater Marketing Scope:

Successfully marketing a product to potential clients means getting them to focus their attention on you and what you can offer. In this highly competitive space, that’s not the easiest task to achieve. This is where architectural animation changes the game.

87% of marketers agree that video is more appealing than still images as a marketing tool. And they aren’t wrong. Because it’s so visually appealing, people are more likely to take notice of it. Architectural animation videos are a great hook. A short, documentary-style video is a great way to set yourself apart from your competitors.

Reduces Waste:

In real estate, time is money. Being able to detect faults proactively goes a long way to making sure that deadlines are met and delays are not incurred. Because architectural animation is not one still image, but a series of them, those involved in the design process can go through the animation and point out any flaws. Spacing and lighting issues can also be addressed through architectural animation.

It Helps Manage Client Expectations:

A lot of the time, client dissatisfaction comes down to mismanagement of expectations. Designers often make the mistake of assuming that clients are with them every step of the way. However, the reality is that clients, more often than not, don’t understand blueprint designs and still images.

Architectural animation changes all that. An animation acts as a walkthrough for clients in which they can experience the design rather than just look at it. A well-made video enhances their understanding and gives them a better idea of the final product.


In the real estate game, if you’re not ahead, then you’re lagging behind. To get ahead in real estate, you have to push the boundaries and market yourself effectively. Architectural animation can not only help real estate marketers expand their marketing capabilities; it can also be of great help when dealing with clients.

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